Since the ancient times people have discovered the charm of fountains and water cascades – both because of extraordinary beauty and power of flowing and murmuring water. They were remarkable emphasis among the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis at Babylon, refreshment gardens beauty on the Mediterranean coast or hot sun of Asian yards.
Later have been improved by the British, who imposed the fashion of exotic gardens with rocks and flowing water on them, and any water surprises stalking walking in parks and gardens. Smokey murmur of water a prerequisite for mental relaxation and balance.

Fountain is a great part in shaping and focusing of space.
It can deliver additional charm of your pool using its filtration. It must be consistent with the specificity of the basin to its decoration and will not interfere with bathers.
Also, artificial or natural stone can be shaped as waterfalls, cascades and water cascades in the garden, which together with suitable vegetation to make it a true oasis.