Vitality and beauty


Relaxation, meditation, relaxation, rest, relief from stress…. These are some of the main tasks of each SPA. Here you are some of the common ways to achieve mental relaxation.


Therapeutic design, ergonomically shaped and heated seats or benches allow proper positioning and warming the body. The combination of light and music are an important part of relaxation.
In the relax room can be placed different types of chairs.


Serail bath ceremony is unique and special experience for everyone. On a warm and wet massage table, a peeling is made with lukewarm soapy water. Then the body is smeared with various cosmetic products: mud, honey, chocolate and more. Thanks to the pleasant warmth in the room and well-weighed moisture, mud dries the body, then the steam bath in the mud (or other products) softens the skin and creates a feeling of slight tweak. Instinctively man began to rub the mud on the skin. This removes any previous cosmetics and dead cells. Inspired by the massaging effect, the subcutaneous tissue is stretched, improves muscle tone and stimulate metabolism. After washing can be invigorating massage with different oils.


The cabin is illuminated with crystal, specially selected and placed according to your astrological sign. Starry sky envelops you, flavors, individually selected music. All this creates a feeling of vitality and mysticism, combined with a light massage with precious stones.