Getting Started


Getting Started

Before the beginning of the pool construction, to you should answer many questions such as:

Location, fitting in its environment, what type is it, shape, size, etc.

Here are some guidelines that may be helpful:

Strength of the field

The pool should not lie on fresh mounds. The presence of shallow rocks would significantly hinder the construction of his bed. This would create difficulties and available groundwater. Should be avoided proximity of septic tanks, sewers, power wiring and more.

Direct sunshine on the water and beach

The optimal situation from this perspective is particularly important in cool regions. Must avoid potential shading from trees and buildings.

Wind-protected location of the pool is a prerequisite for the comfort of guests.

Discrete atmosphere
The place you will spend your time in peace and comfort and opportunity to avoid the proximity of curious neighbors, intensive traffic, etc.


Falling leaves from trees pollute the water and beach and retain moisture. The proximity of the plant species branched root system is a threat to the strength of concrete bed of the pool.

The pool should be inserted in harmonious space – its location depends on its shape and nearby buildings.
Choosing the form of pool is a matter of taste, but should be consistent with its functionality, the architecture of house layout and style of the landscape. Preferred proportions of the dimensions of the basin are 1:2. Classic rectangular shape is suitable for sporting purposes and practically fits in any backyard. Free dynamic forms may be genuine expression of taste and aesthetic requirements. There are no standards for the depth of the pool, but the world practice some optimal imposed depths while sloping bottom it can be changed from 1.50/1.80 to 1.20 m m and at bottom is generally horizontal to 1.50 m.
The structures of the basins can be classified in many indicators, but naturally stand solid, prefabricated and inflatable pools.

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