Problems – Solutions


Problems – Solutions

SIVON S does not interrupt the contacts with the customers after the pool construction and assures too:

Subscription maintenance – hebdomadal pool cleaning, chemical water treatment, control of the equipment and installations condition

Warranty and post warranty service

Principal anomalies of the water treatment

1.Green traces on the corners and the other places.

Greenish water
Slippery walls



In case of a high air temperature, low supply of preparations for the water maintenance, storm weather- the green algaе reproduce very prompt.

Control the pH and correct him up to attain the necessary level. Make a water shock treatment through an algicide.

2.Turbid uncolored water.



In case of filter defect (poor filtration), ineffective disinfectants or stabilizators surplus.

Is the filter dimension right chosen? Control the sand or filter element state.In case of sand carbonization – make a regeneration by acid. Put flocculants andaugment the frequency of the filter cleaning. Control the filter real debit. Renew the disinfectants and increase the doses.

3.Whitish water.



Increased limestone content. Higher pH level- over 7.8. Excess of flocculants by lower than 7.4 pH too. Air bubble excess round the inlets for the filtrated water. Air sucked in the filter installation.

Regulate the pH level in the limits from 7.2 up to 7.6. Add softener in the water. Stop the water filtration for one night and after that, clean the pool bottom. Search for water flux or oozing at the filter stopping.

4.When the water irritates the skin and the eyes and has disagreeable smell.



Augmented content of half-putrid products /chloramines/ Unadjusted pH level- the water is either to acid or to alkali.

Adjust the pH level in the limits from 7.2 up to 7.6 by means of the respective preparations. Add the necessary disinfectants quantity Control the filter.

5.The water treatment preparations dissolve very quickly.



The pool is very dirty and the filter is ineffective. The water temperature is very high.

Add a little quantity of the water maintenance preparations – in conf. with the instruction on the label.

6. The water is colored but limpid:




Presence of metal salts.

– Iron

– Copper

Regulate the pH level in the limits from 7.2 to 7.6

Make shock chlorination. Add flocculent.

Leave the products act 8 hours.

Clean the sediments by means of bottom cleaner tipping the water directly in the drain system.

NOTE: The flocculent is used only in case of sand filters.

Water pump defects

1.Failure in the electric motor. It doesn’t work by tension supply.



Tension insuffisant.

Verify the tension.

Unlocked cleats.

Lock the cleats.

Defect condenser.

Change the condenser.

2.The drive turns but noisy.



The fan vanes scrape.

The cover is deformed.

Defect bearing on the motor axe

Change the bearings

Stone in the turbine chamber

Remove the front cover before the turbine cleaning

The turbine either is locked or loosed

Change the turbine and the rotation connection.

Pump bad centered.

Adjust the socked fixation.

3.Diminuend or missing debit.



Air in the prefilter chamber.

Remove the air, open the prefilter cover or the connection on the pomp exit in accordance with the realization of the installation. A check valve is obligatory.

Suction of air in the installation whistling is heard

Check up for a suction of air.

The turbine is defect, works loose, is plugged or used.

The turbine must be cleaned.

Low water level. Air suction through the skimmers.

Increase the swimming pool water level.

Plugged prefilter.

Clean the prefilter.

Closed valves in the swimming pool filling installation.

Open the valves in accordance with the exploitation instruction.

Dirty filter sand or filter cartridge,

The manometer reports 1.5-2.0 atm.

Wash and rinse the filter sand or clean the cartridge.

The turbine turns in a reverse direction/ three-phase drive /.

Change the places of the leads in the distributing box.

4.The drive switch off.



Blocked turbine.

Unblock the turbine.

The coils are connected on the mass.

Check up the coils.

5.The drive fumes.



The pump is blocked.

Search the cause for the blockage, check up the switch and the thermo relay.