Lighting is making the pool an irresistible place for entertainment with friends or to relax after a hard day work. Pool lighting can be done with projectors – flat or standard, fiberooptic lighting or LED lights.


Pool lighting creates color and a festive mood. This can be achieved with the underwater lighting, installed in the walls of the pool. These projectors can be colored or to be combined with different colored lenses. Spotlights are made of ABS material, it is resistant to the sun ultraviolet rays and the preparations for the pool water treatment. The standard foil or concrete projector is 300W, 12V type. Every projector is sufficient for a 25 m² water area. The models we offer are built into the walls of the pool, so that should be taken into consideration during the construction of concrete bed.


Underwater type, 100W, 12V, with an option for installation in concrete or foil. Face is made by white ABS.
Installed after the construction of concrete bed.


Fiberoptical lighting can make the pool or the area around it in a unique color fairy. Fiber optical fiber is mounted on a silicone-based perimeter of the pool or on a part of it. Power supply by fiber-optic generator.


LED lighting is another option for lighting the water of the pool. It allows for much more diverse and effective solutions: one color or multicolor gradient of color programming changin colors and visual effects. LED lighting has a lower energy consumption. Another advantage – extended operational life.