Water pleasures


Foot Hydrotherapy

Heated bench with special dishes to foot warming.

Kneipp footpath

Well known as “Kneipp paths”, they can be implemented in various forms. A few (minimum 2) shallow tanks filled by hot and cold water. Consecutive pass through the various tanks have very strong effects on the cardiovascular system. Frequent use of Kneipp paths enhances the immune system and improves blood supply to the extremities.


The shower is mandatory as cleaning procedure before walk in any room. Used for cooling between the procedures as well. The method of cooling shower is best-known and frequently used method. The showers are located near the heat cabins and gives an opportunity right after leaving the sauna or steam to pour over the body with cold water. We offer shower tray, which is produced by special panels of extruded polyester. This way the shape can be round, or even in the form of a snail shell. The shape fits within the overall design.

“Contrast shower” a low temperature shower around 12° C, i.e. the temperature shock is not so high and the procedure is well carried out by most of the people. Pouring cold water period is short. The aim is to cool the body faster and therefore to improve blood circulation in the body. Other extras: With a push of a button you can be surrounded by ice fog, to get pin water massage or get into hot tropical storm. The effect of changing the various water jets is growing with changing the lights – cold or warm tones.