Water attractions



Water pleasures or the pool “extras” are quite different, but in common they make the experience compete and a pleasure – more exiting.

Counter current swimming machine

Installation of counter current swimming machine in the pool allows small family pool to become a real swimming pool. This refers to one or more nozzles, placed in wall of the pool and working in one direction. Regulating the intensity of water flow provides adjustment of the flow, depending on specific activities.

Turbojet (jacuzzi)

Whether you are looking for relax or just want to spend good time with friends and family, turbojet will give you a place to rest. Can be built as part of the pool or to be with a separate water filtration.

Water fall

In addition to your pool. Besides the pleasure of the falling water view, strong water jet makes you a pleasant massage.

Water mushroom

Add another place for entertainment to your pool. Everyone loves to hide behind the water curtain.

Slide “Snake”
Водна пързалка във формата на октопод
Slide „Octopus”
Water curtain
Slide „Rainbow”.
Fountain „Dolphin”

The list of extras would be incomplete if we do not mention the variety of items to create artificial waves, jumping boards and many others.