As often is considered, clear and transparent water is “healthy” is not accurate. The water is clear and transparent as a result of better filtering, but it may contain a high concentration of pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, fungus and others. That make it dangerous for bathers. Traditional filters not only do not prevent them, but even increases the danger with the presence of abundant decaying organic matter in the filter. (This is another argument for regular cleaning of the filter element.) Disinfection of water in the pool and maintaining the chemical balance is fine preparation is carried out using chemicals.



Preparation for the lowering of pH
Pack of 2 kg
Manufacturer: Procopi, France
Reduces the pH of the water in your pool.
Use: To lower the pH of 0.1 is needed from preparation 100 g for every 10 m ³.


Preparation for increasing the pH
Pack of 2 kg
Manufacturer: Procopi, France
Raises the pH in your pool water.
Use: To increase pH 0.1 100 g is needed from preparation 100 g for every 10 m ³.


Pack of 1 kg / 20 tablets
Manufacturer: Procopi, France
Designed for rapid disinfection of water.
Use: Aquashoc is used for water chlorination
Water: 5 tablets of 10 m ³ of water.
In turbid water: 10 tablets of 10 m ³ of water.
When algae is found : 10 tablets 0.3 + 1 l algitsid 10 m ³ of water.


Pack 1 l
Manufacturer: Procopi, France
Aquafloc is a clarifying agent, which creates larger particles than ordinary flokulirani.
Use: 1 l Aquafloc 50-m ³ of water. 12-14 h after
implementation, it will create a gray sludge,
which lies at the bottom of the pool.


Pack of 1 l and 3 l
Manufacturer: Procopi, France
Slightly bubbly algitsid with preventive action to prevent algae or seaweed breaks generated in the water of the pool.
Use: Shock treatment: when filling the pool with water-
2 to 3 liters per 100 m ³ of water.
Week treatment: 0.5 liters per 100 m ³ of water.


Packing of 1 and 5 l
Manufacturer: Procopi, France
Multi product: action as algae – destroys and makes the operation of the microalgae; action as bactericides – destroys all bacteria in our pools.
Use: Before filling the pool with water 2 l Puraqua dissolved in 100 liters of water and pour over the walls.
Pool; Initial treatment: 1.5 liters per 100 m ³ water of the pool maintenance: 0.5 l of 100 m ³ of water per week.


Packing 5 kg
Manufacturer: Procopi, France
A single product – 4 actions:
– Chlorine element that provides disinfection;
– Powerful flocculant with a lasting effect;
– Algae long-acting;
– Stabilizant.
Preparation is sufficient in itself and need not be carried out operations other than setting the pH, which is specific for each pool.
Use: Use after the shock treatment of pool water. 200 gr tablets of slow dissolution. 4 tablets for 100 m ³ of water for 7-10 days at 22 ° C.


Pack 1 l
Manufacturer: Procopi, France
Cleanser waterline of the pool. Preparation in two types: a hard water and a soft water.
Use: To lower the water level a few centimeters. The product is poured on a sponge, which rub the contaminated surface.


Packing of 1 and 3 l
Manufacturer: Procopi, France
Prevents calcium deposits in hard water, even if it is warmed. Suitable for all finishes and all types of disinfectants. Aqwuacal recommended for water with hardness higher than 20 °F
Use: It is preferable to handle the pool when it is placed into operation to increase the yield of products disinfectants.
Quantity for the start of the season:
– 0.25 L 10 m ³ hardness lower than 40 ° F
– 0.30 L 10 m ³ hardness between 40 ° – 50 ° F
Preparation to pour nozzles included in the filtration.
During the season added to the slide, depending on the quantity of water, which complements the pool.


Pack 3 or 5 l
Manufacturer: Procopi, France
Preparation for a winter season non-operational pools. Puriver prevents growth of algae and the formation of calcium deposits on the walls in winter. Needs cleaning of the pool in the spring.
Use: Do not pour detergent directly into the pool after bathing season. Depending on the hardness of the water should be added:
– 3 To 5 L/100 m ³ – hardness <35 ° F
– 5 To 7 L/100 m ³ – hardness> 35 ° F


Pack 1 l
Manufacturer: Procopi, France
To clean the sand filter to get rid of calcium deposits.
1.Sand filter. To insert directly into your filter or pre-filter necessary amount of preparation:
Filter Size 4-6 m ³ / h 7-10 m ³ / h 11-15 m ³ / h
Dose 2 l 3 l 5 l
Be ready to act in preparation for 24 hours and then wash out the filter with water.



Placed on the pipes between the water circulation pump and filter. Emits an electronic signal, which serves for the dissemination of chloramine and also released chlorine free. The appliance is designed to be used as a coagulant. Reducing the need for chlorine treated algae and prevents the formation of limestone.


Additional mineral filter, made by company Zodiac. Reduced to 80% the amount of chemicals used for water treatment. Maintain water quality in emergency situations. Nature2 clean water by decomposition of bacteria and algae and the water clears. Minerals used in the filter are absolutely harmless to human health. Nature2 can only be used with chlorine based preparations. Comfort is the filter that you can always switch to standard treatment with chlorine. Additional power source and devices are not required.