Warm wet baths



Classical steam bath has 100% humidity, temperature 45°C to 50°C with heated seats and floor. Normally the ceiling is domed pyramid with a built fiber-optic lighting, “Starry Sky” type, etc. The room is covered with glassceramic or ceramics, can be decorated with various ceramic panels. Steam produces copious and healty sweating. Higher air humidity prevents the evaporation of sweat as in the sauna. A visit to the steam bath relaxes the body and spirit, relaxes muscles, improves skin blood flow.

Flavoring system improves pleasant feeling. Therapeutic effects of perfumes and fragrances is highly important in modern regeneration medicine. Optimal binding of steam and aromas increases their healing effect. Inhalation of essential oils of herbs such as lavender, myrtle or eucalyptus is beneficial for the lungs and respiratory organs. Steam baths are mandatorily accompanied by a cooling bath, cold shower, etc.


Kaldarium is a kind of steam bath with high humidity. The room temperature is around 37-45°C. The power of hot steam and therapeutic effect of aromas allow for maximum body cleaning of toxins. Perfectly combines with the subsequent coling.


Steam bath with saline injection. The room temperature is between 37°C and 45°C with high humidity. Other than the impact of water, is particularly useful and the impact of different types of salts – its inhalation is compared with the effect of sea water, have a beneficial effect against allergies and asthma.


Turkish bath (Hammam) has high humidity and temperature about 40°C. Seats and floors are heated. The ceiling is domed. Hammam is mostly covered with marble, ceramic or glass. The size of the room and the Oriental art tradition is a premice for the enrichment of coating with various ornaments. In the warmed seats are built special troughs – “Cournot”, from where the water is raked with hubcaps and water is pouring over the body. After a good warming on a special pane is made body massage – first procedure is peeling massage with “kese”, then wrap gently with soap.